How to Use News to Inform and Entertain You


There are several different types of news, and each has its own purpose. For example, you can read about crime, extreme behaviour, or celebrities. You can also find stories about money. But the best news is the news that will inform and entertain you. It can even influence your daily life. You can use news to find out more about what is going on in your community.

Celebrity stories

Some people have the opportunity to make their dreams come true – and they make the most of it. There are many stories of unexpected celebrity success. These include Pamela Anderson, who was discovered at a British Columbia Lions football game in 1989 and immediately signed a deal with Labatt’s beer. Other unlikely celebrities have found their way into show business, including Lana Turner, who was discovered in a soda fountain in 1937.


The term ‘crime in news’ refers to crimes that occur in the public realm. According to a study by the UCLA Film and Television Archive, local news coverage of crimes has remained at about forty stories per month. Researchers used videotapes of newscasts and examined them independently to identify trends. They excluded cases involving mixed-race people and Asians due to the rarity of such crimes.


Students at Grady completed a capstone requirement that included a unit on “Money in the News.” These students wrote articles about personal finance topics and published them through the College Connect program run by the Society for Advancing Business Editing and Writing (SABEW). One student’s article, “What are the risks associated with money in the news?” was selected by SABEW as the winner.

Time factor

The length of news stories can have a significant impact on the amount of information they can convey. Shorter stories are more likely to be published in newspapers and have a higher chance of being read by the public. This can translate to increased profits for newspapers. There are many factors that determine the length of news stories, including the content and medium for the stories.

Credibility of sources

It’s important to assess the credibility of news sources carefully. Because there are many different sources competing for attention online, you may encounter partisan blogs and bogus sites that pass themselves off as legitimate news sources. The easiest way to assess the credibility of a news source is to do a simple search for the source’s credentials, reputation, and standards. Reputable news organizations aspire to be trustworthy, accurate, and independent. Furthermore, they must be transparent, as these are important attributes of quality news.

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